How Your Personal Accounts for Cloud Slime Computing is Breached? By Theron Barrera


How Your Personal Accounts for Cloud Slime Computing is Breached?
Have you heard or experienced one time that your email, social media account, or simply received a notice that your account was opened somewhere and then you can’t remember doing so? No need for you to panic first since today, cloud computing accounts like Google are being monitored by the developer themselves, unless, the person or group that is trying to hack or hijack your account have all the data needed in order to achieve their goal.

If that case happens this individual or group would definitely have time to secure your photos, and other data even your important details or simple emails or usual messages. Now in order for you to avoid your computing data from falling into the wrong hands or simply being compromised, it is very important that you determine how your computing account or simply personal account is getting breached. Make sure that you are aware of every importance of these details:

Maximise the Security Features of each of your Account
Maximizing the security features of a storage or data account means following the characters required on each password, save or write it down in a safe secured place, and if you are going to write it down make sure to use the code and never make a note like: “paypal password” etc. Some programs used by hackers nowadays have the ability to look for harvesting emails as long as they are seeing the “@” symbol considering it as a username or mostly an email. Next is to make sure that security features like, asking for additional questions if your account has been opened using a different device or on different location which calls a red flag and signals a security breach. Other programs are also auto locking an account if passwords have been wrong 3 times or more. There are also some features that allow you to receive an email, SMS or a facebook message if your account has been accessed from another country or far location.

Avoid the bad habit of having only one username and password
It would be at ease with you if you only need to remember one password and username on each of your account, it would indeed become very much easier to deal with. The problem with this practice is that it would also be an ease for the hackers or any criminals to gain access to it. Therefore make sure to change the password regularly and avoid doing this practice.